Sunday, November 2, 2008

out with the old

The more I look at this photo the more I feel guilty about the waste! It just keeps growing too. I guess it has served it's purpose for 51 years now (ok ok...that's me desperately trying to justify such a cruel act).

Hang on a minute. Perhaps I'm being a little hard on myself ;) I'm merely giving her a much deserved face lift to revitalise her natural beauty. Phew...that feels better!

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gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hi fiona,
this is such a massive but rewarding project by the looks! it must've been such a tricky decision to make re the break from fede, sometimes i think the balance between doing your thing and raising 2 little ones is almost impossible too! feels like there's always at least 3 things to do at any given time.
. . . i'm playing the tag game and would love to hear your 6 {if you have a moment to play of course!!!} :) belinda


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