Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today's MINI 10

As promised here is the MINI 10 with Dearne Herrenberg, the brains behind the Creative Women's Circle. Dearne, or De as we call her is a talented, busy gal based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been successfully running her own business Dearne Herrenberg Interiors since 2004. In addition to this has made quite an impact with her distinctive jewellery range Mainichi.

"Mainichi Design inverts the concept of precious jewellery. We use no precious metals or jewels. Instead, unexpected, ordinary and everyday materials become pieces of wearable art".

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am Mum to the gorgeous 9 month old Andre, an interior designer and a designer/maker working under the label “Mainichi”. I have worked from a home based studio since saying a final (very cheerful) farewell to the corporate world in 2004.

How did you come to be a designer / creator?
For as long as I can remember I have always been “creating”….in many different forms, including sewing, knitting, string art, Fimo, decorative painting, faux finishes, macramé, drawing, the list goes on. The jewellery range and Mainichi came to be after a holiday in Japan in 2004. I purchased some interesting raw materials in Tokyo and these were used to create the first pieces of jewellery in the range.

How do you go about starting new projects / creations (what is your process?)
My creative process usually starts with the acquisition of some new raw materials, some sketching and trial and error making prototypes. I am a terrible hoarder (a habit I’ve tried often to kick) so the other thing I like to do is drag out all my materials and mess up the house, and get inspired all over again.

What inspires you in life?
Top of that list would have to be my most wonderful collaborative creation to date – Andre. And of course my wonderful and supportive husband, John, who always manages to see things from a different perspective. Also the work of other designers, great architecture, history, Japan, travel……I could go on and on. But it would be boring for everyone else.

What are your favourite materials to work with
My favourite materials would have to be those that informed the name of my label – Mainichi translates as “everyday”….so I love using ordinary and unexpected materials. I could give you another list….here goes…..bamboo, felt, leather, wood, plastic….mmmm….plastic…..I know it’s bad but I love it.

Name your top 5 websites
I have to do some shameless self promotion here….and I have to cheat and add a couple of extras
1. Equal tie for first between and
2. – I’m also trying to curb my addiction to finding skeletons in closets
3. – my graphic designers, and very cool dudes
4. - some cool crafty stuff on here
5. – fabbo alternatives to evil disposable nappies, the gorgeous Jayne and Elissa at Nurture are wonderful too!

What is your most treasured possession?
Probably the tiny German style Cuckoo Clock that I’ve had forever….my Mum’s best friend bought it for me when I was a baby. It’s been packed safely away, and I’ve just taken it out so I can hang it somewhere special in Andre’s room.

Who is your current favourite designer / creator?
Well I’m saving up to buy one of Emma Greenwood’s gorgeous Helix scarves….you can see them at her blog her resourcefulness and attention to detail always inspires me.

What do you most enjoy about the city / town you live in?
Melbourne is full of creative spirits….it has a great energy. The city gives me the desire to stay informed and seek out the new. On the flip side it also manages to make me feel a little bit daggy when I go out sometimes….time to go shopping – another great thing about this place!

Tell us where we can find your work.
Online on my website (order by fax/email) and
Also stocked at Australian retailers:
Eliana Design in St Kilda and Balaclava (Vic), Mimosa in Daylesford (Vic), Craft Queensland in Fortitude Valley (Qld), Lulabelles in Camberwell (Vic), Art on Cairncross in Montville (Qld) and the National Design Centre, Federation Square (Vic)


Emma said...

Yay ladies, thanks for the links etc, sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday. Hey Fiona I'm an ex Adelaide girl, I'm always flitting between here and there to see the folks. Are you aware of Nest Studio in Croydon? I hope you do know about them, I think you are both birds of a feather.....She has a blog too, Nest Studio

Marilo said...

Hi, Fiona I have a similar story like yours. Keep going girl.


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